3 simple ways to tell your natural hair is lacking moisture

Hello guys ! Welcome to my first post; this is going to be so short and straight to the point. Our hair cannot out-rightly speak to us and ask for moisture but deep down in its heart, it is sometimes YELLING for some :p goodies. Undermoisturizing or not moisturizing the hair at all leaves the hair susceptible to damage (breakage) and it is the worse thing you can do to your natural hair. Some signs and symptoms our hair communicate to us during these trying times include:

1. Dots forming at the ends of the strands of your hair – These dots are harder than the hair and they get stuck to the ends of the hair. Sad thing is you cannot fix them in any way but have to cut or tear them off and this causes you to lose some hair. Sadder than that is that if allowed to keep being in the hair, the dots climb up the strands and destroy more mass of hair eventually thus best thing to do here is trim those ends away 😦 .

2. When touched, your hair feels kinda dry, hard and rough and tends to make the sound of a crumpling wrapper. This can happen even after you have put some oils or creams in your hair.

3. When you comb your hair (pull through with fingers, brush, comb, etc), a few full strands fall out with lots of short hairs. This is known as breaking – the strands are falling out and the ends are breaking off. And that is a sure way to lose the length and thickness of all your natural hair little by little. Just imagine when everytime your hair is touched, some falls out :0

The joy when you have length + thickness!

But not to worry, guys. Join me on my next post to learn all about how to deal with breaking, faulty and unhealthy hair.

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